8 d’ag. 2009

Handmade iron key

Striking handmade iron key. Few people have it. The ones who hold it they will be brought to the Splendor.


Exclusive design. It comes with a navy blue velvet bag fastened with a gold drawstring and the Certificate Number of the Copy printed on handmade paper.

When the Key inside the bag, pass your fingers gently over it. You will then realise that matter is not always inanimate.

Size: 29 cm. x 11 cm x 2 cm.
Weigh: 750 gr.

Special orders accepted: precious metals, chanukiya, etc. Discount applied purchasing more than 5 keys on the same order.

Unit price: 90 € (plus shipping fees)

Payment system: bank transfer or Pay Pal.

(*) Delivery time: There could be a delay depending on previous orders.


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